Sunday, 15 March 2015

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How to Change Whatsapp Status and Profile Picture easily

As we know whatsapp is one of the trending apps which has gained such a huge popularity in such a short span of time and become one of the messaging app that has millions of active users. Recently it has also got the whatsapp version for PC users by enabling which you can easily chat through your PC browsers also. 

Whatsapp status and profile picture are the two important things of Whatsapp but there are number of users who don’t know how to change their whatsapp status and how to change their whatsapp profile picture therefore here is the simple yet short tutorial by following which you can easily get to know about the simple steps to change your whatsapp status.

The status feature in WhatsApp gives indication of what you are doing so that you can keep up to date with your contacts. 

Change Whatsapp Status and Profile Picture

To change or setting the Whatsapp status here are the steps
You can also change the profile picture in the similar way for which you need to follow these mentioned steps as discussed below.

  • Go to WhatsApp > open the Application Menu > Settings.
Change Whatsapp Status and Profile Picture

  • Select Profile Info.
Change Whatsapp Status and Profile Picture
  • Now change your picture easily.

You can also follow the given steps:

  • Go to WhatsApp and Tap on the Overflow Tab or swipe the screen to the right and tap Status from the left pane.
  • You can choose a default status but it is not recommended or creates a personalized one.
  • To create a personal status, press the button and tap OK after you are finished.
  • Tap your profile photo, and then tap Set Photo to take a new profile picture or upload an existing photo.
Now you can set any status from the list below:

So these were the simple steps changing status and profile picture in Whatsapp which is very easy to do. Feel free to ask any related query in the comments below if any and also don't forget to share the tutorial with your other friends.


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